Monday, October 09, 2006

Girl character turnaround

I finally did girl character turn around. It was harder than I thought. I, myself am modeling based on this and it's very challenging. I currently working on the girl's head and belt design.
I seem to do better with thumb nails than tide-down design. It might be everyone's challenge.


김경애 said...

언니, 정말 잘한다.
힘들게 작업한다는게 보인다.
힘든 많큼, 또보람이 있고.. 부럽당~

김경애 said...

각도 마다 달른 느낌을 표현하는 얼굴...
이 그림에서 눈이 안떠러지네.. 나 빨리 가서 잠자야 돼는데..

Tokki said...

음..곧 3d로 나오심!!! 기대하시라!!!