Monday, July 28, 2008

La Lune won the Best Animated Short!!!

La Lune won the Best Animated Short at the Comic Con Film Festival 2008!!!

Tom DeSanto (producer/writer of X-Men, Transformer) and Borys Kit (Senior film reporter at the Hollywood Reporter) was the judges and awarded to each winner of the catagory.


` said...

Hey Grace! congratulations! you did it huh? finished with a nice touch down. Say Hi to Bruno for me. I will try to see your film at the Egyptian theatre. Your stuff and page looks good. you just made it to my blog list of friends ( lol). NO, I should ask your permission to add you on my blog ??

Tokki said...

Oh Will!!!
It has been a while. How's your baby?? Thank you for your visit. It would be nice if you come to the Egyptian Theater. And I will be happy to be in your blog list. hehe I will definately say hello to Bruno for you. We should get together sometimes.

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RaphaeliteRedhead said...

Hey there, my mum saw your animation on TV (?) and I'm looking to see it... but I cant find "La Lune" anywhere, not even on youtube.... please could you give me the link? Thank you very much, and congratulations on your award!