Thursday, January 25, 2007


Lately, I found myself desperately looking for an inspiration. It is not an inspiration that you could find from some art books or artists. I do not want to settle with nice looking models, animations or textures. Those are all tools to deliver what you have to say. I want to communicate with the world. I want to find a way to tell the world that I have a voice wanting to be heard.

During the time I struggle with a lack of a technical knowledge or even artistic challenges, I still need to focus on the fact that my purpose is to communicating rather than learning the tool. The rest follows when you figure out the big picture. Because the passion leads you to find a way.

I always had a hard time communicating through languages either Korean or English. I guess my linguistic skill is not sophisticated enough yet. So I need to find better way to communicate. I chose the art. If God ever has given me something that I am good at, I believe that it's an art, which I have been hating for it. (Why can't I be a lawyer or doctor?...)

My film became very personal. I decided to make it very personal because for the first time in my life, I want to take a journey to put myself out there and show to the world that there is a voice shouting by a tall, pizza-face Asian girl. Ha ha

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